This is me, Paris Darnell.

A Young DJ and A Video Editor

DJ ParisDarnell


How can we sum up Paris Darnell in one word, “phenomenal”. The young dj; born and raised in Hackney East London, took a massive interest in the music scene. From remixing chart songs into his own compilations at the early age of 12, to playing his first international dj booking at 16, just recently turned 20; Paris Darnell is the one dj to watch out for in the near future.

“Music is in my blood”

Inspired by his family (mainly his father and cousin), Paris has shown depth in his musical ability to not only play for the young but for the older crowd with various music from the 80s, 90s and the early 2000s to this present day. Coming from a musical background Paris Darnell was not one to shy away from the spotlight, securing numerous dj hire in London to substantial amount private bookings and residency.

Early Stage

In the early stages of his career DJ Paris Darnell struggled to find a dj name that he seemed fit. “The names I came up with when I was younger were kind of silly not gonna lie. I tried YoungStar, Flow, PD but nothing to seem to work for me. Okay it was more that it didn’t work for my dad than for me but he had his reason. After a few days of brainstorming names we finally got Paris Darnell as it was already my name and we searched for it on Google and no one was really coming up.” Paris wasn’t always into the DJ world; it came as a shock when his father found out the potential skills Paris had. “I remember being in the conservatory and I saw my dads pioneer decks all setup and well I was more interested in the colours that were shining off the decks that I just started pressing buttons. My dad caught me and I generally thought my days were numbered, as he was very strict about touching his stuff without permission. But surprisingly enough Dad seemed thrilled at the time because the next thing I know I’m standing opposite the decks following instruction on how to mix however that day was short lived as I started to lose interest in it.”

After many years went on DJ Paris Darnell returned to his true calling as a DJ when he stumbled across Virtual DJ Software on his father’s old mac computer. “This was actually during summer holidays and I was bored outta my mind; even doe I had so much games and toys to play with, I decided to go on my dads computer and see what I can do to entertain myself and I remember seeing Virtual DJ at the bottom of finder in the application bit. It wasn’t really hard to use if I’m honest… in fact it felt too easy to use. By the time it was dinnertime I had already remixed chart songs with old school grime beats like rhythm and gash and ruff squad together. I was so gassed that I had to show my dad, he was actually over the moon and surprise because I never showed any interest in this before.

Present Day

Once DJ Paris Darnell regained his passion to becoming a professional DJ, Paris decided to upload his mixes onto SoundCloud and eventually hand out CDs to friends, families and clients. From a young age Paris Darnell has been playing all around the city of London and even outside of it. “ I remember getting a bookings in Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham. Bookings were coming in like crazy because my dad and I put in the work of getting our self registered onto Google; people would either type in on Google: DJ for hire in west London, DJ for hire, DJ hire prices London, DJ hire Kent, DJ hire London, DJs for hire prices, Wedding DJ hire London, Cheap DJ hire London an we would come up.At one point I even flew out for a family holiday to Turkey and my dad managed to get me my first threeinternational gigs. I Dj’ed for a boat party, a hotel and a club night. My dad was surprised I didn’t get stage fright or whatever, as this was huge for any DJ let alone a 16 year old”. Paris Darnell continues to shut down numerous events whether it is club nights &birthday parties or formal events such as: weddings, funerals, cabarets & award ceremonies. “ … playing for the Diversity Legal Awards was great plus I learnt a lot while being there. I will say I definitely didn’t feel like the smartest person there, but having that experience of being apart of an award show was something to remember for me”.

At 17 Paris started to take an interest in creative media, capture and editing footage, finding new original and authentic ways to create videos. Although Paris was rough around the edges when it came to editing in the beginning but then attended West Thames College and now has gained a better understanding to making a successful video. Paris has created multiple adverts for several business, edited video bloggers, film and edited his own projects such as tutorials, short movies and also music videos for underground artist. He’s currently now trying to find new ways to combine his knowledge of filming and editing into his DJ work. As we said before Paris Darnell is phenomenal and we cant wait to see what the future holds for this young man.


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